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The Torch – May 10, 2018

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RayLee Homes to Pursue WERS Certification on All New Homes

RayLee Homes announced they will submit all new homes through the Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS)® certification process. They are the first large-scale homebuilder in the country to make such a commitment.

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“Building with conservation and energy efficiency has always been a priority of our company,” said Tammy Grady Thornton of RayLee Homes. “As native New Mexicans, we are committed to doing our part to ensure water conservation is a consideration for every new build in the industry moving forward. We hope other local builders agree and will join us in WERS-certified building.”

A recently completed parade of homes in Rio Rancho included a model that scored a WERS of 60. This means the home is approximately 40% more water efficient than a conventional home that does not prioritize water conservation. Potential homebuyers were able to see firsthand the products and techniques RayLee Homes chose to provide a water efficient home for their future homeowners. 

“What makes this such a landmark decision is that RayLee Homes operates in three markets in New Mexico, and WERS is only required in one of those locales,” said Mike Collignon, Chair of the WERS Development Group. “RayLee Homes didn’t have to do this; they wanted to. That really shows their commitment to a sustainable water future for their homebuyers and all residents of New Mexico.” 

About RayLee Homes
RayLee Homes is a family owned and operated company building locally and in surrounding states since 1976. With a commitment to quality construction and an exceptional customer experience, RayLee Homes continues to be the local leading choice for consumers in New Mexico. Currently, RayLee Homes builds in 7 communities in the Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Rio Rancho areas with plans to expand into the Los Alamos market next year. RayLee Homes also offers a complete custom home experience through the RayLee Luxury Division, as well as full real-estate services with their qualified partners at RayLee Realty.

Kim Shanahan Highlights Member, Staff Initiatives On-Air

Former Green Builder® Coalition Board Member Kim Shanahan has a weekly radio show on KTRC in Santa Fe, NM. It airs on Sunday mornings, and is also available via podcast. While the show’s theme is green building and sustainable development, it gives him a wide range of related topics to address.

Ingrid MattssonRecently, Shanahan had fellow Coalition Member Ingrid Mattsson (pictured right), along with her colleague Cassie Schmid, on the show to discuss a new product co-developed by Uponor and Belkin called Phyn Plus. They also talked about other building-related issues, including PEX plumbing, radiant heat, and the lack of rainfall in Santa Fe. The episode aired on April 15th, just two weeks before the Next Generation Water Summit opened. You can listen to the episode here.

Immediately after the Summit, Shanahan invited Green Builder® Coalition Executive Director Mike Collignon onto the show to wrap-up all the activities involved with the Summit. The episode aired on May 6th, and you can listen to it here.



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