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The Torch – August 2012

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Green Builder® Coalition To Have Dedicated Presence in Green Builder® Magazine

Green Builder Magazine cover

Beginning in the September issue of Green Builder® Magazine, the Green Builder® Coalition will have 2 pages dedicated to green building news, research and commentary. There will be content exclusive to the magazine, while some of The Torch content will appear in that space as well. Excerpts from the Coalition’s Quarterly Industry Report will also be published. (The full report is a member benefit.)

Mike Collignon, Executive Director of the Green Builder® Coalition, enthusiastically stated, “This incredible opportunity will give Green Builder® Magazine’s 200,000 monthly readers a chance to see what our members already know: We deliver honest and transparent information about the news and events that shape our industry. What has previously occurred ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘under the radar’ will now be brought out into the light of day.”

Green Builder® Media, LLC is the leading media company in North America focused on green building and sustainable living. With a comprehensive suite of print and digital media solutions, demonstration projects, case studies, online training and live events, Green Builder® Media assists building professionals in preparing themselves for the new green economy and helps homeowners understand how to live more sustainably. For more information, visit

Impact Series

On August 8th, internationally renowned nature photographer Art Wolfe spent some time chatting with Ron Jones, President of Green Builder® Media and Co-Founder of the Green Builder® Coalition, in the latest edition of the Impact Series.

Art WolfeWolfe was able to share his experiences from around the globe. He’s seen the harm development can have on habitats, cultures and non-human species. However, Wolfe is optimistic about our ability to adapt to these changes. He finds inspiration in the strong connections that the citizens of countries like Vietnam, Bhutan & Mali have with their surrounding ecosystems. They effectively utilize what they have, while being careful not to overuse their resources. Wolfe’s optimism is shared through his stunning, award-winning photos.

In case you missed this free webinar, you can view it at your convenience. To do so, please visit the Impact Series archive, found here.

Also of note: Exec. Director Mike Collignon has succeeded Butch Gaudette as host of the Impact Series. We wish Butch the best in his well-deserved retirement.


Sustainable Disaster Recovery Conference Invites Green Builder® Coalition To Present

The Saint Louis University Center for Sustainability, Greensburg GreenTown, and GreenTown Joplin are proud to present the 2012 Sustainable Disaster Recovery Conference, to be held on the campus of St. Louis University on Monday, October 29 and Tuesday, October 30.Sustainable Disaster Recovery Conference

Conference planners recently extended an invitation to the Green Builder® Coalition to present on the importance of sustainable construction when rebuilding after a natural disaster. The opportunity to address such an important and sometimes overlooked aspect of our industry is wholeheartedly welcomed.

The conference aims to help cities stricken by natural disasters rebuild strong, livable communities by identifying ways to efficiently and effectively weave elements of sustainability into the disaster recovery process, while increasing collaboration among all parties working toward this goal.

For more information, please visit the official conference site.

Green Builder® Coalition Plays Major Role in PCBC Educational Session

PCBC logo

At the 2012 Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC), the Green Builder® Coalition was asked to both participate in & moderate an educational session on the SAVE Act. Advocacy Director Bill Fay was a panelist, and Executive Director Mike Collignon moderated the discussion. They were joined by Clayton Traylor, Director of Government Relations for the Leading Builders of America. While there were only 15 attendees, nearly half the audience requested a copy of the presentation and asked for further updates on the progress of the legislation.

To request a copy of the presentation, please contact Bill Fay.

As I Am…

Bill HenryBill Henry

Each issue, we’ll sit down with a green building professional to gain a personal insight into their motivations, inspirations and experiences. This issue, we feature Bill Henry, Homebuilder from southern Arizona.

The Torch:  What motivated you to enter the sustainability industry?

Bill Henry: Education. I found that the more I learned about the topic of sustainability as it relates to home building the more hooked I was. Building became more than just components going into a house in a proper order. It became a science. I always want to provide a better product year after year and building with “sustainability” in mind provided our client with a better product – a product that was more energy efficient, more water efficient, healthier to live in and more comfortable to live in.  It was an easy transition for us.

TT: Describe your first green project. Did you encounter any hurdles on that first project? (If yes, how did you overcome them?)

BH: Our first green project was a Silver rated project through the local Cochise County Green Guideline. We really didn’t encounter any hurdles and we actually found that it was pretty easy to get a project certified at this level. Our homeowner was on board and we didn’t need to change too many things from what we were already doing. The most difficult part of the process was finding the time to put the paperwork together.

TT: What building product or technique do you think will be the next “game changer”?

BH: We have “game changers” now but the majority doesn’t use them. The focus is, unfortunately, on short term cost vs. long term savings and environmental benefits. Every house in the Southwest should at least have a solar hot water heater standard. The return on your investment is immediate. The numbers even make sense for solar photovoltaics as well on new construction (assuming you build a good house to begin with). Most of our homes require a minimal investment to get to Net Zero.  My family, for example, will never pay an electricity, natural gas, or propane bill for as long as we live there. Prior to building our current Net Zero Energy home, we paid an average of $300.00 a month in combined electricity and natural gas bills. That’s $3,600 a year, or $108,000 over 30 years to pay for coal fired electricity and natural gas … assuming the cost of those utilities never goes up. We all know they will.

My new favorite product to put in a house to help with water conservation is the Niagara Conservation Stealth 0.8 GPF toilet. They work better than most of the dual flush toilets we’ve used and save 20,000 gallons per year vs. the older 3.5 GPF toilets that are still in most homes in Arizona. These numbers assume a family of 4 with 5 flushes per day. This product is a “Game Changer”.

TT: Who inspires you the most?

BH: The builders that show up at the Green Building Conferences and other classes that are given through the National Association of Homebuilders. If you’ve never been to one of these you should go.  The information you take away from these conferences is invaluable. The rooms are loaded with experience and knowledge. The conversations are fantastic. The lessons learned from others are shared and you will leave the class as a better building industry professional because of it.

TT: If you had it to do over again, what profession would you choose?

BH: If you were asking me between the years of 1996 – 2010 I wouldn’t have even thought about another profession. If you’re asking me right now, it might be a different story. As much as I have enjoyed the experience of running my own company and building magnificent houses, I might have chosen a different path knowing what I know now. I don’t have regrets about my career choice, but it’s no secret that this housing industry is in trouble still. I really don’t see it getting better anytime soon, and I’m an optimistic person!  Everyone that I know in the construction industry, from the suppliers to the trade professionals, would agree.  The building environment just downright stinks. I spend more time bidding on projects these days than building them. We do have enough business to keep our doors open, but it is a struggle.

With that said, what other profession would I choose?? Something outdoors… something exciting…. If I chose today, I’d join the U.S. Border Patrol. That looks like an interesting job. Unfortunately, they get a lot of bad press just like the green building industry does. From what I’ve seen of the Border Patrol where I live in Arizona, they are a bunch of great people that honor their country without appreciation.

TT: What do you enjoy the most when you’re not at work?

BH: My family. I can’t imagine my life without them.

TT: What’s the most important piece of advice you’d like to pass along to others?

BH: Fresh water is by far a more precious resource than our ability to provide clean energy, especially where we live.  This was a realization for me when designing a LEED-H Platinum house in Arizona. It is so easy and affordable to get a home in Arizona to produce as much energy as it uses. It is very expensive and more difficult to build a house that can provide enough water through rainwater harvesting to meet all of the household needs. It is possible, though.

So, if you had to choose between turning off your faucet first or your light, I’d suggest turning off your faucet. 🙂

Job Opportunities

Below you will find job postings for green collar jobs around the country.

If you have a job opening you’d like to list here, please contact the Green Builder® Coalition at

CLEAResult (, an energy-optimization firm that designs and implements programs to help utilities manage load growth by helping customers identify energy-savings opportunities and implement energy-efficiency improvements, is currently hiring energy-efficiency engineers, consultants, analysts and coordinators. These are full-time positions with full benefits. Candidates should have experience conducting energy audits, identifying energy-efficiency opportunities, using energy-modeling tools, performing energy-savings calculations, and/or developing measurement & verification (M&V) plans.  P.E. and/or C.E.M. certification is preferred but not required. To view these listings, please click here.

At press time, they had 14 jobs in the following cities:

Austin, TX (5)

Little Rock, AR (1)

Indianapolis, IN (1)

Okemos, MI (5)

Providence, RI (1)

Woodbridge, NJ (1)

CLEAResult is an energy-optimization firm that develops and implements energy-efficiency programs on behalf of utility companies across the country.  Our programs are designed to help utilities manage load growth and meet legislative requirements by identifying energy-savings opportunities and implementing energy-efficiency improvements.  CLEAResult is ranked on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. for the second year in a row.

If you are interested in any of the above job openings, please contact:

James Hatheway
(512) 259-2383

Or apply via this website:

The Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA; is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission of promoting and achieving energy efficiency through networking, program activities, and education. They are looking to fill the following 3 positions:

#1: Communications Associate: This person will have responsibility and devote the most substantial part of his/her time assisting in the development and deployment of the communications and marketing plan for SEEA’s Better Buildings program, which includes providing significant support and relationship management to sub grantee community-based retrofit programs. Specific activities include deployment of consumer-based social marketing strategies, and tasks related to the website, newsletters and other mass communication, branding and public image activities. The Associate will also work with the Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Team to provide similar support to overall SEEA communications and branding projects.

A considerable degree of independent initiative will be required, especially related to managing marketing and public relations work for the BetterBuildings and DOE’s State Energy Program (SEP) city “accounts.” The candidate will also need to work effectively with team members from SEEA and other organizations, and to express complex ideas in clear, compelling written and verbal form.

A bachelor’s degree and 2-4 years of experience in communications and marketing is preferred. SEEA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Salary range will be $45,000-$55,000. SEEA offers a generous benefits package and a stimulating work environment in Downtown Atlanta, convenient to public transit (MARTA) rail and bus routes.

All qualified candidates may apply by sending a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to with the subject line: Communications Associate. No phone calls please.

#2: Financial Controller: The Financial Controller will report directly to the Alliance’s Chief Financial Officer, with a secondary reporting line to the SEEA President, and have primary responsibility for ensuring the effectiveness and accuracy of SEEA’s financial portfolio. In addition to providing oversight, counsel and management services, the winning candidate will also be required to serve as the primary point of contact and liaison between the Alliance’s finance team and senior management. The Financial Controller will also manage between one to three SEEA finance staff members.

A Bachelor’s degree and seven to 10 years of relevant finance, auditing and accounting experience is required. (CPA designation is not required.) They are also looking for someone with strong computer skills, including: finance management software and programs; MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, internet research, and SalesForce.

Salary range will be $70,000-$80,000. SEEA offers a generous benefits package and a stimulating work environment in Downtown Atlanta, convenient to public transit (MARTA) rail and bus routes.

All qualified candidates may apply by sending a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to with the subject line: Financial Controller. No phone calls please.

#3: State Energy Program Manager: This position will have primary responsibility for driving SEEA’s Alabama and Virginia state energy programs. Duties will include planning and carrying out state and municipal energy efficiency projects; tracking the status of deliverables and expenditures, and working with team members to ensure timely, on-budget delivery of high-quality products. The role also needs to identify opportunities to engage SEEA Associate Members in projects, coordinate SEP activities with those of other SEEA teams and advising on technical and policy issues related to state and municipal energy efficiency.

A Master’s Degree is preferred; however a candidate with a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field who has three or more years of experience and who can also demonstrate mastery of the required skills and knowledge sets will be considered.

Salary range will be $55,000-$65,000. SEEA offers a generous benefits package and a stimulating work environment in Downtown Atlanta, convenient to public transit (MARTA) rail and bus routes.

All qualified candidates may apply by sending a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to with the subject line: SEEA SEP Manager. No phone calls please.

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory currently has over 55 jobs listed on their site. Please note the closing date on the position prior to applying. Most are located in their home state of Washington, though 3 of the posted positions are based in College Park, MD and one opening is listed in both Washington, DC and Albuquerque, NM.  If you have any interest in these highly scientific roles, please visit their career site by clicking here.

The Alliance to Save Energy seeks a highly qualified, experienced technical and policy expert on energy efficiency in buildings for the position of Buildings and Codes Program Manager. This position requires extensive technical and program knowledge of buildings sector energy efficiency as well as demonstrated analytical, program management, and communications skills.  The successful candidate will have a demonstrated ability to work independently, contribute effectively as a team member and leader, and to collaborate effectively with other Alliance teams and outside organizations.  This individual must be able to work effectively in a fast-paced environment, plan and manage multiple simultaneous tasks, and lead a team of highly motivated staff. The position is based in Washington DC, with occasional travel required.

The Program Manager will develop collaborative working relations throughout the Alliance staff and at senior management and technical levels with Alliance Associates, partner organizations, funders, government agencies, and other stakeholders.  The position requires independent initiative, along with the ability to quickly acquire new information, to work effectively with team members from the Alliance and other organizations, and to express complex ideas in clear, compelling written documents and presentations.

A minimum of a Bachelors degree and five years of professional experience in a field related to buildings energy efficiency and building science including at least two years of relevant experience in a senior analyst or management position are required (or alternatively, a Masters degree plus at three years professional experience). Experience in building energy simulation modeling and economic analysis is strongly preferred.

This position, with a salary range of $55,000 – $85,000 is full-time salaried with benefits. To see the complete job listing, please click here.

The Alliance is an equal opportunity employer. To apply, please email or fax a resume and cover letter with “Program Manager – Buildings and Codes” in the subject line, to:

Alliance to Save Energy
1850 M Street NW, Suite 600
Washington, D. C. 20036
Fax: 202-331-9588

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization that acts as a catalyst to advance energy efficiency policies, programs, technologies, investments, and behaviors. They are currently looking to fill positions for 3 paid interns, 3 full-time staff members and 1 part-time job opening.

All jobs are based in Washington, DC. To view the 7 listings, please click here.

Resource Solutions Group (RSG) is a dynamic team of professionals committed to delivering cost effective solutions to optimize the consumption and sourcing of energy, water, and other natural resources. With offices in California, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin we promote awareness, action and sustainability in targeted markets across the country.

RSG is seeking two Outreach Associate candidates, located in the Milwaukee, WI area and Chicago, IL, respectively, to assist in implementing several emerging residential and commercial energy efficiency programs. The Outreach Associates will independently provide targeted customer and trade ally outreach (primarily to HVAC manufacturers, distributors and contractors), market research, data management, reporting and customer communication to help programs achieve goals and produce quality deliverables.

A Bachelors degree is required, with a focus on energy, environment, public policy, or technical field desired. Also desired is 2-8 years relevant experience in the following areas:  resource efficiency, buildings related project management, HVAC equipment sales.

Our commitment to your success is enhanced by our competitive compensation, and an extensive benefits package including paid time off, medical, dental and vision benefits and future growth opportunities within the company.

To be considered for these positions, please submit your resume, cover letter and compensation requirements through our online application system.

No phone calls or faxes please. Resource Solutions Group is an equal opportunity employer. For more information, please visit our website.

EnergyLogic Inc. is a growing energy services company dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service while building a company for the future. Founded in 1998, EnergyLogic is on the cutting edge of delivering performance based testing services to the building community.

EnergyLogic is currently looking to hire a full-time salaried Energy Rater in their Denver office to perform a variety of services which include new home ratings and occassional existing home audits.

Salary is between $33 K and $45K depending on experience. Benefits include Flex Cafeteria plan contribution of $3,600/yr., 401K, company paid Short and Long Term Disability, Free Life Insurance, and Employee Assistance Program. Salaried employees earn PTO (Paid Time Off) of four weeks per year in addition to eight paid holidays.

Please send cover letter and resume to No phone calls please.

Any listing above does not constitute an endorsement by the Green Builder® Coalition. We do not have any professional or financial stake in the preceding information. Rather, we provide this solely for the benefit of those seeking employment.


Train of ThoughtTrain of Thought

There’s a term in aerospace engineering to denote maximum dynamic pressure. It’s called “Max Q”. It’s a key milestone during a rocket launch, because it’s the point where the frame reaches maximum mechanical stress. That point becomes critical in the design element, and rightly so, given the human and financial stakes of sending a manned craft to outer space.

Mike Martz, former offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams, used a variation of the term when planning and practicing for a football game. In his vernacular, he gave it the meaning “maximizing potential”, or everyone playing at their very best at the same time.

As I joined millions of others who annually watch Shark Week, I often think of Martz’s definition of “Max Q” as I watch these beautiful, powerful and graceful animals. They are efficient in virtually everything they do, from hunting prey to swimming to healing. Modern sharks have been around an estimated 100 million years, though fossils from early sharks date back 400 million years or more. Clearly, they’ve had plenty of time to adjust and adapt to changes in their environment. Their strong history of survivability should be admired and respected.

In some regards, I see parallels between sharks and humans. Both species are the apex predators of their realm. Both have learned to do amazing things during their time on the planet. Both have earned the respect of their co-habitants.

I also think there is a correlation between our treatment of sharks and our treatment of the environment as a whole. If humans continue to hunt sharks with reckless abandon, because of fear or profit, we could eternally alter the balance of the ocean. Similarly, if we continue to harm our environment, due to ignorance or profit, we may irreparably harm our planet.

It’s been said before, but maybe part of the solution is to get out and enjoy nature more often. (I get that it’s hard to do when the thermometer reaches 105˚F or more.) I think that would give everyone an increased level of admiration for our surroundings. It might very well bolster our sense of environmental stewardship. I have always had a strong sense of respect and admiration for sharks, but my fate as a shark fan was forever sealed when one swam past me while on a snorkel trip. I’ll never forget the utter beauty and awe that I felt as it effortlessly cruised past me. If others were to have that close-up experience, whether with sharks or nature, perhaps we could more quickly move towards a better future for all.

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