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The Torch – October 27, 2016

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Ecovie Brings Rainwater, Greywater Systems to WERS – Manufacturer Program

One of the best methods for lowering your WERS is to implement water reuse strategies. Thanks to Ecovie® Water Management Systems, those strategies just got a lot more appealing.

Ecovie Water Management SystemsEcovie is offering a 20% discount on their AQUALOOP greywater recycling systems and PURAIN rainwater collection components. “The financial savings that Ecovie is offering is incredibly significant. If projects utilize this discount, it will more than cover the cost of a WERS certification,” said Green Builder® Coalition Executive Director Mike Collignon.

The AQUALOOP greywater system produces water that is bacteria and virus free, with input water from household greywater, rainwater, surface water, or groundwater. It allows the property owner to recycle greywater from showers and laundry easily and economically. You can then use the AQUALOOP greywater to irrigate, flush toilets, and run laundry. AQUALOOP is certified to NSF 350. This means that greywater treated with the AQUALOOP process is suitable for indoor use for applications like toilet flushing and laundry. It also means that Aqualoop treated water can be stored for extended periods and used for spray irrigation. Unlike other processes which require greywater to be used within 24 hours and then only for subsurface drip irrigation, AQUALOOP water is free to be used for a much wider variety of applications.

The PURAIN rainwater filter, also known as the hydraulic jump filter, can accommodate roof areas ranging from 1,000 square feet to more than 70,000 square feet.  Using a design that comes from nature, this hydraulic jump technology cleans itself automatically, with the highest capture efficiency of any self-cleaning filter.

“We are very happy to support the WERS Program. One of the first ways to water management is to quantify the effects of the steps you are taking. WERS does just that,” stated Ecovie founder Bob Drew. To obtain the discount, make sure to mention you’re working towards WERS certification when you call (404) 824-9266 or e-mail Ecovie to place your order.

“If you’re thinking of installing a rainwater or greywater system, it makes a lot of sense to choose an Ecovie system and couple it with a WERS certification,” said Collignon. “You’ll be financially ahead, and you’ll also be able to identify where and how much water you’re using, in case you want to consider additional efficiency measures.”

Discussions with other manufacturers are ongoing, with agreements and corresponding announcements anticipated in the near future. The Coalition continues to seek additional manufacturer partners. To join the program, please contact Mike Collignon.

Since February 2014, The Coalition has helped develop the WERS Program for new and existing residential properties. The WERS Tool was first used in November 2015 to help a New Mexico homebuilder save significant time and money on his pursuit of a building permit.

About Ecovie
Ecovie is your rainwater collection and greywater recycling partner for your business, public building, or home.

At Ecovie, we believe our water supply challenges can be solved with smarter water management. We have assembled an innovative array of products and services to better manage our fresh water with rainwater collection, stormwater management, and greywater recycling. We apply our expertise to developing innovative, cost-efficient solutions for your new or existing building, be it for commercial or residential-sized projects. Our product line has been selected with the highest performance at the right price in mind. These products are integrated into our overall system design.

About the Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS)
The Water Efficiency Rating Score, or WERS (, is a predictive, performance-based approach to residential water efficiency and water resource management. The WERS is the culmination of calculations that consider the loading from principal plumbing fixtures, clothes washers, structural waste, and outdoor water management. Potential rainwater, greywater, stormwater and blackwater catchment are also calculated. Applicable for both new and existing single-family and multifamily residential properties, it uses a scoring scale of zero to 100, with zero being the most desirable and 100 representing the baseline home.

Green Builder® Media and Orlando Mayor Dyer Hosting Thought Leadership Event

Green Builder® Media is partnering with Mayor Buddy Dyer (Vice-Chairman of the Council of Mayors’ Energy Committee) and the City of Orlando to host the Sustainability Symposium 2017: Ready for Anything on January 9, 2017 at the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts in downtown Orlando.

Green Builder Media logoThis first-of-its-kind thought leadership event is focused on intelligent solutions for a resilient world.

The event will target a variety of innovative building professionals, high-profile members of the media, elected officials and policy makers, city planners, code and regulatory officials, sustainability advocates, and business leaders.

The agenda features a blend of high-profile presenters, interactive group discussions, and stimulating networking opportunities.  Speakers include Governor Martin O’Malley, Mayor Dyer, Mayor Stoddard, Philippe Cousteau, carbon-neutral NASCAR driver Leilani Münter, Senior NASA scientist Dr. Carlton Hall, and pioneering business executives.

Sponsors include forward-thinking companies like Emerson, Uponor, Ingersoll Rand, and VHB and local professional groups like USGBC Florida that are creating innovative solutions in areas like Internet of Things, renewable energy, resiliency, intelligent cities, green buildings, and smart water.

Taking a bold approach to idea generation and problem solving, the Sustainability Symposium promises to challenge conventional development models, bringing together some of the brightest minds in the nation to determine the actions and policies needed for a sustainable future.

Click here to register for the Sustainability Symposium 2017: Ready for Anything.  Early Bird registration fees are $175, available until December 1, 2016 (enter code EarlyBird).  Full registration fees after December 1, 2016 are $250.

To learn more about the Sustainability Symposium 2017: Ready for Anything, contact Green Builder® Media CEO, Sara Gutterman, at

About Green Builder Media
Green Builder® Media, LLC is the nation’s leading media company focused on green building and sustainable living, affecting positive change by providing inspirational information to over 200,000 progressive building professionals and 38 million influential consumers.   With a comprehensive suite of content marketing, digital, social, and print media options, high-profile demonstration projects, market research, and live events, Green Builder Media offers a blend of visionary and practical information covering a broad spectrum of sustainable living topics, including Internet of Things, smart home technologies, energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality, resilient housing, renewables and clean transportation.  For more information, visit

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The Coalition staff, or members of the WERS Development Group, will be presenting at the following conferences over the next 6 weeks:


  • 5th Annual Home Performance Conference – Nov. 1 at 10:45am in Portland, OR
  • Localizing California Waters – Nov. 2 at 3:30pm, Nov. 3 at 1:00pm in Yosemite, CA
  • National Ground Water Association – Dec. 6 at 4:15pm in Las Vegas, NV
  • Irrigation Association – Dec. 7 at 11:00am in Las Vegas, NV

If you plan to attend any of these events, please let us know. We’d love to say Hi!

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