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The Torch – February 2015

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The WERS Program – All You Need To Know

WERS logoThe Green Builder® Coalition, in cooperation with Build Green New Mexico (BGNM), Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association (SFAHBA), and members of the City of Santa Fe Water Conservation Committee (SFWCC) has created water modeling software that generates a Water Efficiency Rating Score, or WERS.

The initial goal was to integrate the WERS into the BGNM program and use it to document an empirical method of calculating eligibility for water use reduction tax credits. In February 2014, goals were generated along with an initial action plan. In the following months, a formalized committee, consisting of representatives from BGNM, the SFWCC, the SFAHBA, The Coalition, and the Santa Fe Community College (SFCC), continued to refine the WERS program.

Measurable parameters were established as the foundation of WERS, along with a scoring scale of zero to 100 with zero being the most desirable. The decided focus was on indoor water use that involved the main plumbing fixtures of toilets, showers, lavatories, kitchen sinks, clothes washers and “pipe priming”. Pipe priming is the amount of water that is typically wasted before usable hot water arrives at the furthest hot water using fixture. The calculation for pipe priming was based on the water wasted for conventional water heating systems.

How it Works

Extensive research was done to calculate the loading from the main plumbing fixtures, clothes washers and pipe priming and their eventual impact on the WERS. For the pilot version, only the indoor water use is calculated empirically based on the estimated loading of the above items while taking into account their associated efficiencies. Rainwater and greywater catchment are also calculated. Depending on the verified filtration methods, they can be used to offset indoor water use much like solar panels can be used to offset energy use in the HERS index. Additionally, any remaining unused rainwater or greywater can be credited to potential outdoor use (if needed) as an innovative practice.

Other aspects of the WERS program include points for “Innovative Practices”. BGNM and SFWCC have both created similar lists of items that can be incorporated into a future version of the WERS calculation process. But, because these items are either not measurable or a method of empirical data collection has not been determined at the launch of the WERS pilot, they are not a part of the final score. It is envisioned that communities will select a minimum point threshold of Innovative Practices that need to be accomplished as part of the WERS program.

“The zero to 100 scale of the WERS program plays right into the competitive nature of builders and the marketplace,” says Kim Shanahan, Executive Officer of the SFAHBA. “Consumers can easily assess the most water efficient home. A performance-based metric always produces better results than a purely prescriptive standard. It drives innovation and best practices that are quickly adopted by others.”

Project teams have the ability to do initial estimates of the results of their proposed installed fixtures and appliances as well as innovative water conservation strategies. In order to actually achieve a WERS, the project team will have to send the completed program document to a qualified third-party verifier who will then check that fixtures, appliances, and strategies have been installed or implemented as claimed. Once the program document has been verified, it is then sent to The Coalition for certification processing. The certification document that is issued will then be utilized by the project team to apply for any applicable water conservation tax credits or incentives that require third-party verification.

The Market Effect and Relevance

Most product manufacturers of fixtures and appliances that utilize water are already well aware of the multitude of green home building programs, as well as the EPA WaterSense program. Many have responded well by providing products that easily comply with both the green homebuilding programs and the EPA WaterSense program. As the WERS continues to develop nationally and incorporates items that for now are only considered innovative practices, manufacturers may want to consider following news regarding the program. One of the best ways this can be achieved is by signing up for the Green Builder® Coalition’s communications. There will also be periodic updates added to the official WERS website,

“Having a ‘performance path’ for water will help transform the building industry in the same way that the HERS index did for energy”, says Steve Hale, Program Director for BGNM. “Already, we are seeing much better performing fixtures and appliances. Now, with the ability to ‘mix and match’ flow rates while simultaneously examining the overall performance of indoor water use, builders and consumers can make smart choices for the products they put into their homes.”

Next Steps

The program continues to be developed under the tutelage of several industry stakeholders and is being piloted within 4 states. Now that the inaugural version of WERS is in pilot, new legislation sponsored by New Mexico State Senator Peter Wirth has been proposed and will be introduced in the New Mexico legislature this year. The intent is to add water efficiency to the existing Sustainable Building Tax Credit legislation that already incorporates energy efficiency. The City of Santa Fe is also contemplating adding the WERS to its residential building codes. Additionally, The Coalition is working with Santa Fe Community College to create a training program for use of the WERS program, verification procedures, and certification.

Now that the pilot version is complete, The Coalition is seeking input from other municipalities that are interested in evaluating and potentially using this tool. “We’re very proud of the inaugural version of WERS,” said Green Builder® Coalition Executive Director Mike Collignon. “Now that we’ve completed that work, we’re interested in collaborating with other municipalities who have a need or interest in conserving water. The WERS program can be valuable to those communities as either an incentive or regulation. We’re also forming a national committee to help us with the next iteration of the WERS program, where we’ll look to expand the outdoor portion.”


The Coalition Makes The Most of Its Time at RESNET

Tech. Dir. Laureen Blissard presents at 2015 RESNET Conference

The Green Builder® Coalition was very active at the recent RESNET conference in San Diego, CA.

Staff presented two educational sessions. “Threading The Needle” featured Bill Fay of EECC, Michael Hobbs of PahRoo Appraisal & Consultancy and Executive Director Mike Collignon. The three presenters decided to take an unconventional approach, and turned the presentation into a group discussion. Of the 12 attendees, over half actively participated and the feedback post-session was very positive.

The other session, “Multi-Family Certifications: Learning The Hard Way”, paired Technical Director Laureen Blissard with Barb Yankie of Green Building Consulting/Homes+. Highlights included reviewing the various opportunities for raters, encouraging people to clearly define their roles on projects and emphasizing coordination amongst the project team. Approximately 20 people attended the Wednesday afternoon session.

The Coalition also had a booth on the expo floor. Across the aisle from two members, and adjacent to the food and beverage, it was an ideal location. We had quite a few fruitful conversations about the WERS program, and also laid the foundation for WERS-related partnerships with three exhibitors.

Speaking of the WERS program, the conference presented The Coalition with the first opportunity to promote it in person. We were fortunate to have the assistance of 3 New Mexico members of the WERS development group. Together, we made a lot of contacts and raised the awareness of the program tremendously.

Upcoming Industry Events


Industry conferences and trade shows will be plentiful over the next 4 months. Below are a few opportunities for you to learn and network.




BuildingEnergy 2015

BuildingEnergy 2015BuildingEnergy will take place March 3–5, 2015 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. The conference is the most established and most cross-disciplinary renewable energy and high performance building conference in the region. Organized by members of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), BuildingEnergy attracts more than 3500 building professionals with its cutting edge, vetted content and open, honest discussion of successes and failures. For more information, please click here.

PV America

PV America
PV America will occur on March 9 and 10, 2015 at the Westin Boston Waterfront. With a regional focus, PV America brings together manufacturers and service providers with professionals interested in the technologies, innovations, research, and policy that are driving the PV industry today and into the future. For more information, please click here.

Better Buildings: Better Business – Wisconsin

2015 Better Buildings: Better BusinessThe Better Buildings: Better Business Conference of Wisconsin will be held March 11–13, 2015 at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in the Wisconsin Dells. The expo floor will be open on Thursday and Friday. For more information, please click here.

Sustainable Water Management Conference

Sustainable Water Management ConferenceThe Sustainable Water Management Conference will take place March 15–18, 2015 at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront in Portland, OR. This event is focused on presenting solutions for balancing the benefits of conservation with the costs, managing water resources, sustainable utilities and infrastructure, urban planning and design, energy efficiency, water conservation, stormwater and reuse. For more information, please click here.


2015 High Performance Insulation Convention

HPIP logoWhether you’re new in the business and want to get started on the right track, or have been in this industry for decades, there is something for everyone to learn at the 2015 High Performance Insulation Convention. They’ll have educational sessions, industry networking, interactive panel discussions, and more. It all takes place at the Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort in Hilton Head, SC on April 8-10, 2015. For more information, please click here.


Coverings 2015Coverings is the largest global tile & stone exhibition in North America. Its spectacular array of products, conference programming, and many show floor features (all for FREE) can be seen at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from April 14-17, 2015. For more information, please click here.

ACI National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show

2015 ACI ConferenceThe 2015 ACI National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show is coming to New Orleans, LA on May 4–7, 2015. They offer an educational agenda full of sessions on home performance and weatherization. Early bird registration ends April 6. For more information, please click here.



Intersolar North America

Intersolar North AmericaIntersolar North America takes place July 13–16, 2015 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. It is North America’s most attended solar event. The event’s exhibition and conference focus on the areas of photovoltaics, PV production technologies, energy storage systems and solar thermal technologies/renewable heating technologies. For more information, please click here.

Impact Series

Dr. Jim WhiteDr. Jim White of the University of Colorado-Boulder was the latest guest on The Impact Series. Along with new host Mike Collignon and a number of questions from the audience, there was an informative and lively discussion on sea-level rise and its impact on the built environment along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States.

If you didn’t get a chance to join us live, you can always go back to the Green Builder® Media archives and listen to this or any of the previous Impact Series webinars.



As I Am…

Ron Jones

Ron JonesEach issue, we’ll sit down with a green building professional to gain a personal insight into their motivations, inspirations and experiences. This issue, we feature Ron Jones, green builder.

The Torch: What motivated you to enter the sustainability industry?

Ron Jones: Truthfully, I just naturally gravitated to it. I came from a very humble background and learned at an unusually early age that being resourceful, respectful and careful with what we have is extremely important. Being in and around construction since I was 12 years old I have always been aware of how careless and wasteful the building business can be. I have always aspired to excellence in all things and sustainability is an essential part of that to me.

TT: Describe your first green project. Did you encounter any hurdles on that first project? (If yes, how did you overcome them?)

RJ: I don’t think I can pinpoint a “first” green project exactly, I usually just go back to a day in November 1963 when JFK was shot and I listened to the news reports on a tinny crystal radio while cleaning used brick in a recycling yard. Looking back on it, I was already involved in green building at that point.

TT: What building product or technique do you think will be the next “game changer”?

RJ: Hard to say, but I actually think it will be a combination of breakthroughs that make it possible for buildings to get pretty close to self-sufficiency, creating virtually everything that they need to operate independently.

TT: Who inspires you the most?

RJ: People with the courage of their convictions who aren’t afraid to take on the bullies of the world.

TT: If you had it to do over again, what profession would you choose?

RJ: I would be a cowboy.

TT: What do you enjoy the most when you’re not at work?

RJ: Being where I can enjoy nature, especially wildlife, and reading anything that is well written. I treasure solitude and privacy.

TT: What’s the most important piece of advice you’d like to pass along to others?

RJ: Words can be powerful. If you say what you really believe, people will really believe what you say.

Job Opportunities

Below you will find job postings for green collar jobs around the country.

If you have a job opening you’d like to list here, please contact the Green Builder® Coalition at

CLEAResult is currently hiring energy-efficiency engineers, consultants, analysts and coordinators. Candidates should have experience conducting energy audits, identifying energy-efficiency opportunities, using energy-modeling tools, performing energy-savings calculations, and/or developing measurement & verification (M&V) plans. P.E. and/or C.E.M. certification is preferred but not required, and some positions won’t need such credentials. To view their 196 job listings throughout the United States and Canada, please click here.

CLEAResult is an energy-optimization firm that designs, develops and implements energy-efficiency programs on behalf of utility companies across the country.  Our programs are designed to help utilities manage load growth and meet legislative requirements by identifying energy-savings opportunities and implementing energy-efficiency improvements.  CLEAResult is ranked on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. for the second year in a row.

If you are interested in any of the above job openings, please contact:

James Hatheway
(512) 259-2383

Or apply via this website:

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) currently has 150 jobs listed on their site. Please note the closing date on the position prior to applying. Most are located in their home state of Washington, although 2 jobs are located in Washington, DC, 7 jobs are in College Park, MD, 11 are located in Oregon and 3 other jobs are in Arlington, VA. If you have any interest in these highly scientific roles, please visit their new career site by clicking here.

Southern Energy Management (SEM), the Southeast’s leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, is looking to fill 3 full-time positions.

#1: Inside Sales & Marketing Specialist: The specialist will work primarily with potential and existing customers to generate immediate sales opportunities and secondarily in the marketing and implementation of lead generation programs.

To view the complete job listing and to apply, please click here.

#2: Sales Professional – Multi-Family Team: This is an outside sales position, selling SEM’s energy efficiency programs to the building, development, and architectural communities. This position is based out of Morrisville, NC and is responsible for expanding local market presence as well as developing new relationships through well planned expansion efforts. The ideal team member will have proven B2B sales experience and exceptional contract negotiation and closing skills. Responsibilities of this position include performing outside sales calls as well as inside sales calls to meet or exceed sales goals. This role requires the individual to be capable of self-generating leads. Candidate must be willing to travel out of the local area at least 10% of the time.

To view the complete job listing and to apply, please click here.

#3: Solar PV Technician: SEM is seeking a Solar Technician to work with their fast-growing Solar Operations team. The Technician is responsible for the installation of photovoltaic systems. Roofing experience is required.

To view the complete job listing and to apply, please click here.

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) is an alliance of more than 100 Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations working on behalf of more than 12 million energy consumers. They are looking to fill seven job openings:

#1: Senior Exec. Assistant & Assistant to the Board: This role will provide professional administrative and organizational support to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the Executive Director. This position also coordinates the activities in support of the Board of Directors and its Committees under general guidance of the Executive Director. To view the complete job listing, please click here.

#2: Administrative Assistant: The primary objective of the position is to support one or more NEEA directors and lead all other administrative duties associated with the support of NEEA’s Market Strategy and Execution business unit. In addition to providing general office assistance, this person will assist with travel and scheduling and provide meeting, event, and communications support. The position will also have responsibility to coordinate and facilitate contract and administrative project support. Excellent judgment and a helpful, professional approach are valued as this position will often represent NEEA in initial conversations with stakeholders. To view the complete job listing, please click here.

#3: Senior Manager, Residential Programs: Envisions, enables and ensures functional excellence in Program Management. The candidate will provide direct supervision to a group of Program Managers responsible for development and execution of market implementation plans for innovative energy efficient products, services and practices. The Senior Manager assures resources are available and deployed to achieve the business objectives of NEEA’s Residential/Mass Markets market transformation portfolio. Actively engages in continuous process improvement and development of staff. To view the complete job listing, please click here.

#4: Program Coordinator: The Program Coordinator works directly with his or her supervisor in support of the day-to-day administration, reporting and program coordination to increase the operational efficiency and effectiveness. Using strong organizational skills, the person will support a team of Market Managers, Program Managers or Marketing Managers coordinating and tracking project activities and communications within programs to ensure that goals and deliverables are accomplished. To view the complete job listing, please click here.

#5: Senior Marketing Specialist: The Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist will work with the Marketing and Communications Managers to develop, lead and implement a suite of marketing strategies and activities that support NEEA’s market transformation goals. This position will interface with both internal and external teams and will require an ability to drive results and work collaboratively across a multitude of different teams. To view the complete job listing, please click here.

#6: Project Manager, Research and Evaluation: The Project Manager is responsible for effectively managing contractors to deliver objective, high quality market research and evaluations of NEEA projects. The Project Manager will plan evaluation and market research efforts and ensure that work products are delivered within budget and in a timely manner that supports organizational decision-making.

A master’s degree is required, along with at least 5 years’ experience in evaluation and/or market research project management. To view the complete job listing, please click here.

#7: Senior Policy and Research Analyst: This role is responsible for leading the development, documentation, management and implementation of policies related to the modeling, forecasting and reporting of energy savings and cost effectiveness metrics. The Senior Policy and Research Analyst will advance the science of emerging technology and energy efficiency forecasting and modeling, and proactively generate new value metrics for reporting purposes to NEEA’s stakeholders.

Seven years’ experience in a quantitative energy policy-related position and a master’s degree is required. To view the complete job listing, please click here.

NEEA is an equal opportunity employer. They offer pre-tax transportation benefits, professional development funds, a generous healthcare package, and retirement savings with employer matching. They also offer a flexible 9/80 schedule to help their employees achieve a better work-life balance.

The Institute for Market Transformation is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization promoting energy efficiency, green building, and environmental protection in the United States and abroad. The prevailing focus of IMT’s work is energy efficiency in buildings. Their activities include technical and market research, policy and program development, and promotion of best practices and knowledge exchange.  All their work involves many collaborators and targets a broad range of stakeholders in both the public and private sectors. They currently have 5 positions open.

#1: Corporate Relations Manager: IMT is looking for a dynamic, outgoing, results-oriented individual to lead their new Corporate Relations program. You will work closely with the growing number of corporations interested in IMT’s work and with IMT program staff to support their work at the forefront of market-based solutions to today’s climate and energy challenges. This individual serves as the point of contact for corporate partners, leading IMT’s efforts in corporate prospecting, sponsorship, membership, and related support. You will also support the IMT Executive Director in corporate outreach and related meetings and travel. The position reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer.

Salary is commensurate with experience. To apply, please email resume, cover letter, writing sample and salary requirements to Please write “Corporate Relations Manager” in the subject line.

To view the full job listing, please click here.

#2: Director of Development:
IMT seeks a seasoned, results-oriented Development Director to build upon their stable, growing funding base and lead IMT’s development program through to the next level. This position is vital to maintaining IMT at the forefront of market-based solutions to today’s climate and energy challenges. The Development Director will lead the design and implementation of an integrated development strategy, working with senior IMT staff, the board, and their many partners. They also will steward relationships and manage development activities for IMT’s base of current foundation supporters, while cultivating future opportunities for government, corporate, and new foundation donors. The position reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer.

This is a Director-level position. Salary is commensurate with experience. To apply, please email resume, cover letter, writing sample and salary requirements to Please write “Development Director” in the subject line.

To view the full job listing, please click here.

#3: Senior Program Associate, Commercial Real Estate Engagement: The successful candidate will work closely with landlords, large tenants, trade associations, peer non-profits, and colleagues at IMT to advance policies and practices to improve the energy efficiency of commercial real estate. This is an exceptional opportunity to work at the forefront of market-based solutions to today’s climate, energy and urban challenges.

This position will report to the Director of the Commercial Real Estate Engagement program.

Salary is commensurate with experience. To apply, please email resume, cover letter, writing sample, and salary requirements to Please write “Senior Program Associate: Commercial Real Estate Engagement” in the subject line.

To view the full job listing, please click here.

#4: Community Energy Program Manager: They seek someone to work with the Salt Lake City’s Sustainability Division and other city agencies to assist with the management, implementation, and outreach for a suite of policies designed to advance energy efficiency in commercial real estate. The Community Energy Program Manager will be part of a network of City Advisors placed in cities across the country to support building energy efficiency policy initiatives, and will therefore be engaged at the local, regional, and national levels to advance the city’s goals. The Community Energy Program Manager will report to the Sustainability Director on a day-to-day basis. This position is based in Salt Lake City.

Salary is commensurate with experience. This position requires travel outside of the Salt Lake metro area less than 10% of the time.

This position is funded and employed directly by the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) and located in Salt Lake City’s Sustainability Division. The position is full-time and has guaranteed funding through the end of 2015. Funding is in place to extend the term for an additional 12 to 24 months based on overall project progress and employee performance. To submit an application for this position, send a resume and a brief cover letter with “Community Energy Program Manager – SLC” in the subject line to

To view the complete job listing, please click here.

#5: Communications & Development Intern: They are looking for an intern to assist our communications and development team. She/he will be mentored by our Director of Communications and Grants Manager, and will engage in various digital, editorial, research, and administrative activities. Excellent writing and editing skills are required. A strong interest in the environment, energy policy and/or green buildings is strongly preferred. Familiarity with Expression Engine or WordPress is a plus, as is familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite programs.

This in an intern position that will be paid with salary commensurate with experience and work schedule. The position is a minimum of three days a week in IMT’s Washington, D.C. office.  Please email resume, cover letter, and two writing samples to No phone calls, please.

To view the complete job listing, please click here.

The Alliance to Save Energy is a non-profit coalition of business, government, environmental and consumer leaders that promotes energy efficiency worldwide to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment and greater energy security. They currently have two job openings:

#1: Senior VP, Policy & Research: They are seeking someone with substantial technical knowledge of energy efficiency and related energy and environmental policy, as well as significant experience with the energy industry. The Sr. VP will be a member of the executive management team (along with the President, COO and CFO) and will work with the President, Board of Directors and staff to develop, oversee and implement a portfolio of policy initiatives and related research to advance energy efficiency and energy productivity in the United States and around the world.

This position will oversee six employees. The Sr. VP will serve as a spokesperson for the Alliance in public forums, with the media and before federal and state government (legislative and executive branch bodies). This staff member will also lead the technical and economic analysis of legislative and regulatory developments; research and analysis of energy efficiency policies, programs and technologies; develop and advocate Alliance positions on federal and state legislation and rulemakings; and will be responsible for ensuring that research requests are fulfilled with quality work and that facts and information produced and/or used by the Alliance to further its mission are correct and well-documented. Finally, the Sr. VP also will work in collaboration with the Alliance’s management team and other staff to cultivate policy and research related funding opportunities as well as to help build relationships and potential new partnership and/or membership opportunities with charitable and corporate foundations and corporate Associate members.

The salary will be commensurate to the candidates’ experience and education. The Alliance offers a generous benefits package and a comfortable work environment in downtown Washington, DC convenient to the Metro. Consideration of candidates will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. The Alliance is an equal opportunity employer.

To view the full job listing, please click here. Please submit your resume and cover letter to Please list the position you are applying for in the subject line field.

#2: Director of Communications: This role serves as the chief communications officer responsible for advancing the Alliance to Save Energy’s (the Alliance’s) programs and initiatives. Responsible for external communications, which includes the coordination and implementation of strategic branding, media relations, and integrated communication campaigns. Advance the Alliance through effective communication with various constituencies, informing, educating and garnering support on behalf of the organization.

A Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Communications, Journalism or other relevant field is required. Advanced degree preferred. Five or more years of senior communications experience within a non-profit institution or congressional office is preferred (relevant agency or for-profit experience considered). Background in energy efficiency and/or energy/environmental policy preferred. The successful candidate must have demonstrated success managing media and journalistic relationships.

The salary range for this job is between $75,000 and $90,000. To view the full listing, please click here. Please submit your resume and cover letter to Please list the position you are applying for in the subject line field.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) is a leading national nonprofit research organization based in Washington, D.C. They currently have 6 open positions:

#1: Behavior and Human Dimensions Program Director: ACEEE is looking for a dynamic, self-motivated individual with experience and skills in conducting applied research and managing projects on the social, cultural, and behavioral aspects of energy use and energy efficiency practices and investments. The Behavior and Human Dimensions program is a cross-cutting program and the director works closely with other ACEEE research programs and a network of national experts.

The new director will hold a senior leadership position at ACEEE and will report to the executive director. The director will have a strong degree of discretion in shaping the work of the program. A strong, practical background in behavioral science and research is a prerequisite. While energy efficiency program experience is not a prerequisite, understanding these programs is key.The position is full time and will be based in ACEEE’s office in downtown Washington, D.C. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. ACEEE provides a generous benefits package. To view the full job listing, please click here.

To apply, please send cover letter, resume and brief writing sample to and use “Behavior Program Director” in the subject line. They do not accept phone calls.

#2: Research Analyst, Local Policy: They seek a Research Analyst to focus on local and utilities policy for its Utilities, State, and Local Policy Program. The position provides a balance of research, analysis, and outreach on energy efficiency policy in the United States as it relates to policy and program implementation by local governments, utilities, and in cities and metropolitan regions. Efficiency policy issues within the scope of the position include those related to the coordination of utility ratepayer funded energy efficiency programs and local governments, multifamily housing, resiliency, utility energy data access, local government operations, and smart cities.

The position is full time and will be based in ACEEE’s office in downtown Washington, D.C. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. To view the full job listing, please click here.

To apply, please send cover letter, resume and brief writing sample to and use “Local Policy Analyst” in the subject line. They do not accept phone calls.

#3: Research Analyst, Environmental Policy: They are looking for a research analyst to work on environmental policy. The position provides a balance of research, analysis, and outreach on energy efficiency policy in the United States. The research analyst will support the research of the senior manager in the National Policy program.

The position is full time and will be based in ACEEE’s office in downtown Washington, D.C. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. To view the full job listing, please click here.

To apply, please send cover letter, resume and brief writing sample to and use “Environmental Research Analyst” in the subject line. They do not accept phone calls.

#4: Research Analyst, Federal Policy Program: The position provides a balance of research, analysis, and outreach on energy efficiency policy in the United States, as well as in other countries. The research analyst will coordinate and lead on research in project areas laid out below, which include both small and large teams of ACEEE staff as well as external organizations and energy efficiency experts. This person will also support research with ACEEE’s executive director, policy director, and other senior policy staff. The research analyst will be supervised by the senior policy advisor in the Federal Policy program.

The position is full time and will be based in ACEEE’s office in downtown Washington, D.C. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. To view the full job listing, please click here.

To apply, please send cover letter, resume and brief writing sample to and use “Federal Policy Research Analyst” in the subject line. They do not accept phone calls.

#5: Senior Analyst for the Appliance Standards Awareness Project (ASAP): The senior analyst will drive ASAP’s efforts to cut energy waste by advocating for improved national and state level efficiency standards for targeted products. This position will be responsible for ASAP’s work related to a range of products, including consumer electronics, information technology, lighting and water heaters. In addition to standards, ASAP works to influence Energy Star specifications, EnergyGuide labels and the test procedures that underpin all of these initiatives. This job provides an opportunity to create real change by influencing some of the nation’s most effective energy policies.

This position requires flexibility as one of just four positions at ASAP. All staff must be willing to take on whatever tasks are needed to advance the project goals. Occasional travel required. The position is based in Washington, DC or Boston, MA. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. To view the full job listing, please click here.

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to and use “ASAP” in the subject line. They do not accept phone calls.

#6: Research Assistant/Analyst, Finance Policy, Economics and Finance Policy Program: The assistant/analyst will provide support for research and program tasks for ACEEE’s Economics and Finance Policy Program, with a principal focus on finance policy. The position will provide excellent research opportunities and exposure to developments in one of the most dynamic and innovative focuses within the energy efficiency space. The assistant/analyst will contribute to multiple projects, perform original research, and plan meetings to convene leading experts and thought leaders across multiple disciplines. To view the full job listing, please click here.

To apply, please send cover letter, resume and brief writing sample to and use “Finance Policy RA” in the subject line. They do not accept phone calls.

ACEEE is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination with regard to race, sex, color, age, religion, creed, class, sexual orientation, national origin, and disability.

The Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) is a regional nonprofit organization founded in 1996. Our mission is to promote the efficient use of energy in homes, buildings and industry in the Northeast U.S. They have two open positions:

#1: Development and Partnership Manager: This position drives NEEP’s development and fundraising efforts. This includes identifying, researching and engaging potential funding sources and opportunities; maintaining a fundraising plan to meet or exceed NEEP’s fundraising goals; developing funding materials and grant proposals; securing funding to generate the revenue needed to strategically achieve NEEP’s mission; and facilitating constructive, productive relationships with NEEP’s funders (e.g., foundations, government agencies, sponsors, partners, etc.). The Manager reports to and advises the Executive Director and works collaboratively with NEEP Directors, Financial & Administrative Services, and the Strategic Marketing & Communications Team.

To view the full job listing, please click here (PDF). To apply, please email a resume, along with a cover letter stating where you saw this posting and outlining your interest in NEEP’s mission, to Bob McTighe at: No phone calls please.

#2: High Performance Buildings Associate: As a member of NEEP’s Buildings Team, the High Performance Building Associate is expected to support NEEP’s vision that the work done today will pave the way for the development of zero net energy buildings (buildings that consume no more energy than they produce) on a broader scale throughout the region. This position will be primarily responsible for helping to create policies and programs to promote operational energy savings in new and retrofitted buildings throughout the region.

To view the full listing, please click here. To apply, please email a resume, along with a cover letter stating where you saw this posting and outlining your interest in NEEP’s mission, to Bob McTighe at: No phone calls please.

NEEP is committed to an organizational culture of inclusion, diversity and equity. We are committed to a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for all employees and qualified applicants without regard to race, color, sex, age, national origin, and physical or mental disability. We apply this policy to assure non-discriminatory practices in recruiting, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, benefits and all other activities. It also supports our capacity to achieve our mission to accelerate energy efficiency with broad participation across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.

The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) is a regional non-profit organization based in Chicago with a mission to advance energy efficiency in the Midwest to support sustainable economic development and environmental preservation. MEEA is committed to be a collective voice for energy efficiency at a national, regional and state levels; act as a clearinghouse to identify, evaluate and create successful programs and market assessments for the region; and foster communication on effective energy policy. They have one job opening.

Policy Manager: This position’s responsibilities will be to advance energy efficiency policies at the regional, state and local levels; promote the value of energy efficiency to key thought leaders (legislators, regulators, commissioners, staff and advocates) and identify policy best practices, trends and lessons learned from across the region and throughout the country.

To view the full listing, please click here. This job is based in Chicago, IL. The compensation for this position will be commensurate with experience. Submit cover letter, resume and salary history to with the subject: Policy Manager.

MEEA is an equal opportunity employer.

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Train of Thought

What in the WERS?

Over the past 5 months, I feel like all my work time has been devoted to the Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS), and for the most part, it has. There’s been a lot of ink in this issue of The Torch devoted to it, but I wanted to take a step back and give you, the reader, an inside look into the genesis of this program.

Even though it’s been over a year, I can still see the scene in my mind. Kim Shanahan and Bill Roth approached Laureen and I after a meeting in Las Vegas and asked if we had any interest in helping to develop a water efficiency/conservation program for residential. Without any hesitation (and I’m pretty sure without question), we said yes. Shortly after that conversation, Laureen and I had dinner with Bill Roth and we spent 90 minutes brainstorming the concept.

Don’t get me wrong; energy efficiency is important, and we’ll continue our efforts in that arena. But in comparison, water has been greatly overlooked. That’s not to say there aren’t organizations doing good work. The Alliance for Water Efficiency is one such group. But the amount of time, money and effort on energy efficiency vastly outnumbers the commensurate on water efficiency. Also, water conservation has been a strong interest of mine for 20 years. I can tell you as a Midwesterner, that is still not a commonly held sentiment in my part of the world. Finally, when Ron Jones and I started The Coalition, we both agreed that the organizational focus had to extend to all aspects of sustainability. We had no interest in getting stuck on one facet of green homebuilding. Frankly, I had always been hoping to find a way to meaningfully engage in water. Imagine my elation when this opportunity presented itself.

Now you know what our primary driver has been on this enormous effort. However, the revenue aspect of the WERS program has to be acknowledged, or else we’re not being fully transparent. There will be revenues to earn, from a variety of potential sources. But I can tell you with the utmost sincerity that is a secondary (at best) motivator for me. The potential impact this program could have on the U.S., and possibly the planet, is a far bigger carrot.

If you’re a regular reader of this space, then you probably recall my “Leaving a Legacy” column from one year ago. Like that column, this one isn’t for show, either. My words cannot be more genuine and honest.

Stay tuned to this space as the year progresses. The unbelievable momentum behind the WERS program somehow continues to pick up steam seemingly every day. With seven pilot agreements in five states, and two green building programs expressing strong interest in adapting the WERS as their program’s water component, we’re just starting to glimpse the magnitude of this much-needed program.

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